The Advancest Machaning Equipment
machining equipment

25 Imported Germany gear profile grinding machining, 50 Germany, Japan and USA imported CNC Machining centers and The caburizing and quenching heat treatment equipment imported from Austria and etc.

These made DONLY with the advancest equipment in gear industry in the world.

The maximum gear diameter with grinding DONLY can made is 5000mm(5Meters), the Maximum size of casing DONLY can machining is 14meters*5meter*6meters(L*W*H), the maximum caburizing+quenching furnace diameter is 3000mm(3Meters).

The qualified quality control device and system
testing device

Full load testing device with Maximum of 6500kW(6.5MW) for testing vibration, noise, efficiency, temperature and so on. With completely measuring devices for each process of purchasing, machining, assembling and package process including gear testing center (Max. 6000mm from Germany Zeiss), 3 dimensional CNC cordinate measuring center (Max. 6m*8m), Spectrum chemical components analysis from Germany and Ultrasonic testing, maganetic testing for gear flaw, Micro structure testing and hardness testing for gear heat treatment, Klingnberg gear measuring center for gear precsion testing.

Fully according to ISO9000 quality control system to control all works done in DONLY to keep quality in good level.

Most of world level customer's Choice
Many world level csutomers has been DONLY's partners in the world including DANIELI, CMEC, SKF, BHPILITON, BAO STEEL and so on.