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NMRV servo motor worm gearmotor

NMRV series ac servo motor gearmotors components of worm gear units with universal installing types and ac servo motors. It realize the high output torque and acurate postion control.

Size of worm gearboxe: RV30 RV40 RV50 RV63 RV75 RV90 RV110 RV130 Suitable ac servo motor 57 / 86 / 90 / 110 / 130 / 180

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Maily used in light industries, airport transportation,beverage production line, wooden machines and so on with lower power and small space need for acurate positioning control driving unit.


INTECH PRICE:USD35 /set for RV30



Business: INTECH




small rolling gearboxes        



Products Introduction

Power: 0.06-15kW



Gear material

16MnCrS5 with


Zinc bronze


Grinding process

CNC Gear Profile Grinding with Germany gear grinding machines



Advancest technology

1.Integrated the motors and gearboxes, with various type of motors can realize different driving system.

2. More sizes with a reduced variety of parts;

3.Multi-speed gearmotors, speed adjustable gearmotors, brake gearmotors, double brake gearmotors, crane gearmotors, high efficiency gearmotors,backstop are available.

4.Variable mounting types including foot mouting, flange mounting, horizontal mounting, vertical mounting, shaft down mounting, shaft up mounting, mounting with some angle, mounting with hollow shaft are available..

Technical data

1. Noise: <75dBA

2.Reduction ratio: 5/7.5/10/15/20/30/40/50/60/70/80/90/100, special requirement available

3.Torque: 2.8Nm--1074Nm

4.Parallel, Solid shaft, flange, torque arm mounting structure

technical data
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